What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of digital marketing method which focused on growing the visibility of website in natural or organic (unpaid) search results. SEO includes both the technical and rich content required to improve rankings of the website, traffic, and generating leads for the businesses by searching process. There are many features to SEO, In On-page Optimization Meta tag, H1-H6 heading tag, Image alt tag, Permalink for URL structure, Name of page, sitemap and SEO friendly contents is king in onpage optimization.

In off-page optimization technique we create quality backlink to improve the ranking of the website. The main key features of offpage optimization is Blog posting & Commenting, Social bookmarking, Social networking, Directory submission, forum posting and article, video, PPT, PDF submission etc. is used to create quality back links. At Moz we trust these rules and regulations go hand-in-hand. This guideline is used to define all areas of SEO—from finding the positions and expressions (keywords) that increase traffic of the website and the responsive Search engine friendly web also support to attract more visitors and clients for the website.

Why need Of (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

The bulk of website traffic is driven by the major search engines like, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Now days any type of people gather information by surfing through internet and social media which is easier than manual process. Basically SEO has been done to Increase the visibility of the website to generate more customers and revenue of the organization my using Internet Search. Search engines are sole which process the queries and provides specific result what user wants; all the information gathered by search engines which is your hosted website rich content, offered services, Unique products, and information which are indexed in search engine. The traffic to a website can offer publicity, income, and exposure like no other way of marketing and advertising.

Reason Why Search Engines not figure out site without SEO?

You think you’re doing everything perfect, you are posting unique contents blogs, articles and other submission are submitting every month properly, but the traffic is not increasing, only a few of your contents, post are getting organic search traffic. Then you’re doing something incorrect.

Here are few explanations how you can attract more audience in natural search result, as you are expecting and how to achieve our goal.

1. Your website isn’t indexed

If the website is not indexed then you cannot get traffic for the website.
1) To index the website first off all generate sitemap online.
2) Upload it into web server
3) Use Google Webmaster Tools to fetch the sitemap.

2. You’re Not Writing Something According to the People Are Searching For

First of all clarify what you are serving and what people need. To insure which types of keywords prominence of people are searching according to your service. For this you can use Google Keyword planner tools and Analyze first then you can add that keywords in the content of the article not more than 2-3%. For improving search traffic of website it is necessary that the content should be keyword basis.

3. You have not been focused on what are Keyword-Density, Keyword Proximity and Keyword Stuffing

According to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standardization the content should be balanced by the keyword density, keyword proximity and keyword stuffing. First of all make list of keywords during your keyword research process, which should be relevant to your targeted audience and that keyword searched above 450-550 times per month.

4. Make Keywords basis Your Title, Headlines and Permalink

Title, heading and permalink are most important part of any blog post, article submission or any other submissions for search point of view. When the audiences enter keywords in Google search engine or other search engine keyword basis made content like title, headlines must be in the fold area. Firstly appeared content also help us to improve the traffic of the website.

5. The content should be descriptive and to the point

According to SEO rules the contents of blog, article and website should be descriptive, high quality, rich and user specific. Long and descriptive content includes more keywords that results to get more traffic and targeted audience.

6. Create Sharable Content for Social media the Blog, Article and website

Social media is a great platform to promote your trustful and worthy businesses, and also increase the traffic and targeted audience for your website.

7. You have not been linking website internally and externally

One of the best ways creates a unique source for a popular keyword and links it from another resource within your article or blog post, both internally and externally.
Notice few this things:

  1) Your article or blog post is more important or valuable.
  2) Easier to find the heading and content of the website to Google Search Engine.
  3) This is Easy way to create quality backlinks internally and externally for the website or bloggers.

8. You have not been Using Word Press like architecture

The website architecture is also important for indexing the website. Wordpress webpages are easy indexed in Google search engine because WordPress is widely considered as greatest website building platform. The well coded and well-structured website also improves the traffic of the website.

9. You have not been Optimizing Your Images

Optimization of images is also play an important role in search engine rankings in two ways:
  You can get Google’s image search traffic by that image, which are indexed in Google search Engine.
  The Image should be according to your product or service, and Use primary keywords to that for better searching result.

Methods of optimization of your images:
  The size is also matters use compressed images so that the load time of website can be decrease.
  Image name according to keyword-phrase before it uploading to server.
  Never forget to add Alt text for image it also be keyword basis.
  Add title tag for the image what the image is indicating.